Sunday, 12 July 2009

More Fridge Art

These top three were made to illustrate my Ebay listing for the 'Make Your Own Fridge Magnets' kit I have put together, which comprises a sturdy mount board platform, with magnets, and an ATC-size front card (supplied separately, as it's easier to decorate and then stick it to the mount when the design is complete).

It occurred to me what a great craft activity this would be for children on a rainy day during the summer break. (Will make a separate post about the DIY kits. This one is for the completed magnets, and I thought these would make cute gifts, even though they were made by a 50-something-year-old! lol)

They are made using wax crayons and a touch of glitter. The 'Daddy' one includes some stars which have been hand drawn on separate card, cut out and stuck down just in the centre to give the points of the stars a bit of lift. Have also used brads in three of the corners.

This one is fairly self-explanatory, except that I got a neater finish on the windows and door by cutting out tiny squares of white card and sticking them on, and the door was coloured separately and stuck on. I'm thinking a gate at the bottom of the garden path would have worked well, and maybe a couple of 'birds' in the sky.

This is my favourite. Very simple and sweet.
The fidge magnets above are priced at £1.25 each + £1.25 p&p
The next one is a more complex design, and more 3D, so priced at £3.50 + £1.25 p&p.

Many thanks for looking.