Sunday, 12 July 2009

Make Your Own Handcrafted Fridge Magnets

For a simple kit comprising a sturdy mount board with magnets, and an ATC-sized front card for your design, please see my Ebay listings, HERE.

Their uses are endless.. As well as prettying up your kitchen and the numerous gift opportunities they would serve, they would make really useful invitations.. for parties, weddings, you name it. How handy would it be to have your Save The Date card right there on the fridge?

Great idea for entertaining children for at least one afternoon of the holidays! Better still, why not have a fridge magnet-making party?

I make the blanks up by hand, and sell them at 50p each. The minimum kit pack on Ebay is for 2 magnets, but if you're interested, let me know how many you'd like and I'll make up a pack to suit your requirements.

I accept postal orders from UK residents, and Paypal payments from anywhere (and if I knew how to add a Paypal widget here, I would! If you know, would you tell me, please?)

Many thanks for looking.