Sunday, 5 July 2009

A New Idea... Fridge Art!

A little bit of research has shown me that this is a new idea.. at least, I think it is! Not the fridge magnet part, but the handcrafted part...

This is my first. It is basically an ATC with magnets on the back, although it does have its own special secret backing which makes it sturdy and up to the job.

It is a luxury item, completely unique, and would add a touch of pretty shabby chic to your kitchen, or make a small gift for someone special.

This design is actually one of a limited edition of six, but each one of the six will be in different colours.

Measurements: 3½ ins/9 cms x 2½ ins/6.3 cms

Price: £3.50 + £1.25 p+p (UK)

Payments: By Paypal or by Postal Order

Please email me for details, or you can bid on my Ebay listing, HERE.